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Waterfront Report

The summer 2022 was a beautiful one in the Kennebunks! Our waterfront enjoyed a few upgrades. The first: new life rings at the dock. The second: new life jackets in the Club house for children to borrow. Our third improvement: using Dockwa to streamline transient slip rentals. Dockwa is an online app that our club manager and stewards use to record face dock rentals and other overnight slip rentals that are empty with members out cruising. Look for more small improvements over the summer of 2023.
Our long-term project of a dredge continues. In October 2022 Walsh Engineering Associates began the process by surveying the depths of our waterfront. This resulted in a detailed map that was part of the application that was submitted to the ACoE in January. 
In July 2022 Kennebunkport Marina, Yachtsman, Kennebunk River Club and AYC had samples pulled from the defined locations at each of our waterfronts. Coordinating this work with the other two marinas and club allowed us to share the cost of the test company, Coastline. 
Biological samples were taken in February 2023 from the same four clubs and marinas, again reducing our costs. These samples were sent to MD for review with results expected in May. Once available, the biological test results will be added to our Dredge Application and submitted for final approval to the agencies for approval. KPT Marina, the Yachtsman and the Kennebunk River Club are planning to dredge at the same time. Timing our dredge at the same time as our neighbors allows us to share mobilization cost and is desirable.  The earliest a dredge can happen will be the winter of 2023/2024.    
Anne Hussey        
AYC Dredge Update

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