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Member Responsibility

The Arundel Yacht Club is a special facility and club to be enjoyed by all members, and its success depends largely on volunteer efforts and member involvement. As activity and use of the Club grows, it is important that all members respect our culture of courtesy and respect. As such, the Board of Governors outlines here the basics of membership responsibilities:


Safety first. Use safe practices around the house and the docks; no outdoor cooking except in barbecue grills; children should not be running, and must have PFD’s on the docks. Children must have adult supervision!


Keep it clean. Clean up after your meals or events, as this is not a staff responsibility. Put dishes away where they belong; take home dishtowels and return clean if you have dirtied them; empty your trash into the dumpster. Leave the facility in excellent condition - at least as good as you found it. (See Cleaning & Closing the Club for guidelines.)


Security. The Club needs to be kept secure; lock up properly (check all doors and windows) if you are the last to leave at night. If you see strangers, ask them if you can help. No unaccompanied children on the docks after sunset.


Responsibility for guests. You are responsible for your guests’ behavior. Be sure they are conscious of our rules and expectations (especially guest children), and be sure other members are not inconvenienced by your guests. Remember that parking privileges should be for members first. Guests should not be at the Club without you present.


Courtesy and respect. Be aware of noise levels, and be respectful of our neighbors. Don’t let your children throw things into the river, no climbing on fences, etc. Don’t tie up valuable parking spaces or dock space. Help your fellow member when they need it.


Thank you for being a good AYC member!


Board of Governors 

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