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Dock Rules & Regulations

1. The Arundel Yacht Club assumes no responsibility for the safety of any vessel docked at the club facilities and shall not be liable for fire, unauthorized use, theft, damage to said vessel, its equipment, or any property in or on said vessel, however arising.
2. In the event Club employees or agents shall deem it necessary to take action to prevent damage to any vessel, its equipment or any property in or on said vessel, it is agreed that no duty shall be thereby assumed for the consequences of such action. It being specifically understood that the vessel be wharfed at the Club facilities at the sole risk of the vessel owner.
3. All vessels wharfed at the Club shall be secured by the owner or operator in a seamanlike manner and shall be registered, identified, marked, equipped and maintained as required by law and safe boating practice.
4. Vessel owners shall be held responsible for all damage caused by them, their guests, or their vessel, to other vessels, floats, pilings, piers and other club or personal property located on club property.
5. Owners shall not leave supplies, materials, accessories, debris, etc., on any floats and shall not construct thereon any lockers, chests, cabinets, or similar structures.
6. Wharf spaces shall not be sublet nor may vessels be transferred between spaces except with the explicit approval of the Club Manager or the Waterfront Chairperson.
7. The Club reserves the right to reassign wharf spaces at any time during the season as may be required to better serve the club and its membership.
8. All vessels remaining at the Club beyond the commencement of the next season will be charged at the rate of $25 per day unless previous arrangements have been made with the Club Manager.
9. The Club reserves the right to utilize any assigned wharf space which is vacated for a period of 24 hours or more.
10. A boat owner shall notify the Club Manager of their vessel absence of twenty four hours or more.
11. The seasonal fees for wharfing vessels at the Arundel Yacht Club are set forth under “Wharfage”.
12. Members with an assigned slip may retain tenancy of the slip on a year to year basis so long as boat ownership is maintained. A slip may be left unoccupied for one season with approval of the Waterfront Committee. The slip must be occupied the following season or tenancy of the slip shall be forfeited. When a tenant advises an assigned slip will be left vacant and if sub-leasing is deemed practical and to the club’s benefit, no fee shall be remitted to the original assignee.
13. As regards to slip inheritance: A slip may continue in the immediate family (widow and children) with boat ownership and AYC membership being the criteria and at the discretion of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, and BOG.
14. The Vice Commodore will deny the renewal of a slip or slips to any member whose conduct and use of the dock area is not befitting of the Arundel Yacht Club image.
15. If a larger boat is acquired that cannot be accommodated in the current slip and no other slip is available through slip reassignment, the member may be denied slip space until an appropriate size slip becomes available. The Waterfront Committee will determine whether a different size boat can be accommodated in a previously assigned slip.
16. If a member wishes to wharf a larger boat, the Vice Commodore must be notified in writing so that their name may be added to the list of “Existing Slip Owners Wishing to Upsize or Downsize”.
17. Members of a single household shall be permitted to be assigned only one slip.
18. Dockage not paid for in full by March 1 will result in the loss of member’s assigned dock space, at the discretion of the BOG.
19. Friday before Memorial Day thru Labor Day: On an as available basis, space shall be made available to members by reservation made with the Club Manager prior to 1600 hours the previous day. Reservations are limited to a maximum of 6 continuous days within any 30 day period and the dock fee shall be $25.00 per day. Slips not reserved shall be available for visiting yachtsmen.
20. April 1 to Friday before Memorial Day and Tuesday after Labor Day to November 1: On an as available basis as determined by the Club Manager, members will be permitted usage of unoccupied dock space at $5.00 per day or $30.00 per week with 4 days free of charge during both time periods.
21. Delinquent charges: Refer to Article 9, Section 5 of By-Laws.
22. No watercraft shall be left at or on the Dinghy or Kayak racks without clear owner identification.
23. Slips may not be “loaned” to other members, relatives or friends.
24. A dinghy is defined as a small open boat (wood, glass or rubber) 10 ft or less that is normally used as a tender for a larger vessel.
25. Kayaks must be stored on the kayak rack. A combination shall be given to the Club Manager for all locks.
26. Children under 12 shall wear life jackets on the docks at all times. It shall be the responsibility of the Space Holder to ensure that this is enforced.
27. As a courtesy to members or guests sleeping on vessels at the docks, quiet hour shall be observed from 2200 hours to 0800 hours.
28. Lobster gear, including bait, shall not be left adrift on the floats. No lobster bait will be allowed on boats wharfed at the Club.
29. Owners shall not operate Charters from AYC Docks.
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