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Our Boats

The Optimist, commonly known as the “Opti,” is a popular one-person sailboat. Measuring almost eight feet in length, it is used to learn the basics of sailing in our Beginner, Advanced Beginner classes. The Opti is not only used for teaching, but is also raced competitively on an international basis by sailors up to the age of 16.
Some of our Intermediate sailors may have the opportunity to try racing Opti’s in weekly events with nearby clubs in the Maine Interclub Racing Circuit (MIRC).
The Opti is sailed in the Beginner and Advanced Beginner classes. At times the Intermediate class may sail the Opti.

Club 420
The “420,” about 14 feet in length, is a two-person sailboat used in our Intermediate and Advanced classes. The boat is used by many clubs for both teaching and racing; it is also raced by the majority of high school programs and many college sailing teams. The Advanced class introduces students to more aspects of sailing and racing.
Our Advanced students are offered the opportunity to race in weekly regattas with nearby clubs in the Maine Interclub Racing Circuit (MIRC), allowing them to learn and develop their racing skills.
The Intermediate and Advanced classes primarily sail the 420.


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