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Cleaning & Closing the Ropewalk

Guidelines are posted in the Ropewalk kitchen, as well as listed below.

Kitchen/Cooking Clean-Up

All cooking and eating utensils, grills, shall be washed and PUT AWAY after usage. Please understand this is not the Club Stewards job responsibility but yours alone. Please empty your trash, garbage, in the appropriate containers and dispose in the dumpster outside. When using more than 1 or 2 dishtowels, please take home and launder and return to club promptly.


Dishwasher Use

If you choose to use the dishwasher then please familiarize yourself with the posted usage instructions. Follow the instructions on the towel dispenser above the counter IMPLICITLY. Empty the dishwasher after use, including draining the dish water from the bottom of the washer. The final rinse water does not drain automatically.


Garbage Disposal

Please run the garbage disposal after use or before you leave.


Refrigerator Use

Please make sure both refrigerator and freezer doors are closed and remember to remove your food and alcoholic beverages when you leave the club.


AYC Guest Usage

Non-members must be accompanied by their respective AYC host AT ALL TIMES. Non-member guests are asked to park off the property so as not to interfere or inconvenience other AYC members or Yachtsmen using the club at that time.


Club Lock-up

See posted Cleaning and Closing Guidelines for details. It is all AYC members’ responsibility to lock up and secure the club if we are the last ones out and there are no other members or club Steward on premise at the time of departure. This especially pertains to late night social gatherings.

Thank you

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in past events, as well as those who have enjoyed the use of our great facility and what it has to offer. We only ask that the club rules are followed closely during your usage, along with the mutual respect to other club members and AYC staff while you are there and after you leave.

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