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Welcome to the AYC

Founded in 1957, the AYC is a working club based on volunteer activity.  Our mission is the enjoyment of boating, waterfront activities, and social events with fellow members in an informal setting. All members are encouraged to participate. Enjoy your cruise around our recently updated site!

Board & Committees 

Board of Governors
Commodore                    Anita Carroll             

Vice Commodore          Anne Hussey           

Rear Commodore         Matthew Tuller        

Treasurer                          Bob Scribner            

Secretary                          Kathy Hussey          

Clerk                                    Durward Parkinson


Board Members at Large  (3 year terms)

2025     Susan Graesser

2025     Jackie Teguis
2024     David Bois (ex officio)

2024     Rob Benson
2023     Mark Sutton


Committee Chairpersons

Communications                   Susan Benson   

Club Rentals                            Jane Hecker-Cain

Finance/Memorial Fund     Bob Scribner
Gardens/Landscaping        TBD

Historian                                    Debbie Tuller

House/Building                       Mark Sutton

Long Range Planning          David Bois
Membership                             Jackie Teguis      
Nominating                               David Bois

Sailing (Jr., Racing & Cruising)      Anne Hussey       

Ways & Means                         Susan Graesser
Waterfront                                 Anne Hussey      

Club Manager                         David Higham                         

mobile  207-292-1678         

Cruising & Racing
Cleo Cy_David.jpg

Whether we're out for a day of cruising with friends, motoring to Stage Island for beach golf and a picnic or racing against other sailors, we all enjoy our times on the water!

Please watch our calendar for upcoming events.  Also, keep in touch with fellow members for more spontaneous boating opportunities. Maybe a summer evening sail, a lazy river cruise or some weeknight adult sailing will come your way!


And don't forget our annual Boon Island and Founders Day Races are open to AYC members and non-members alike.

Check out the details at Sailing Programs & Races !

The Ropewalk

During 1957, the Arundel Yacht Club leased the Agnew property on the Kennebunkport side of the Kennebunk River. It used this dock until the winter of 1958-1959 when it signed a three-year lease agreement for the Ropewalk, which was owned by Harrison Fuller. At that time, the building was perpendicular to the river and produced rope. Over the next few years, the club made many improvements to the building and rest rooms, including a kitchen and new pier. After purchasing the building it was turned and moved to its present location.

Our members volunteer to help with the upkeep and repairs needed to keep our historic building and grounds safe, functional and a wonderful place to enjoy family, friends and fellow members.


Our Waterfront 

We love our location on the Kennebunk River.  It offers us wonderful recreational options and an ever changing scene from the Ropewalk deck and docks. Whether we're enjoying a day with family and friends cruising, fishing, kayaking or motoring upriver, we are all grateful to our Founding Members for this very special place.

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